Dear Industry Member:

ACMA’s October 11th Fly-in was a great success in getting catalogers’ and other remote sellers’ urgent messages across. Next up with our November 14th meetings comes the enormous, last-ditched effort to get our issues in play and possibly into law this year. As we’ve noted earlier, in Washington anything’s possible as long as the final buzzer or last out of the 9th inning or the final putt on the 18th hole haven’t yet occurred.

If you haven’t already signed up, there’s still time. Below in Q&A format, are the key details for our November 14th Fly-in:

Q: Why attend?
A: In comparison to the numerous other far-larger lobbies in Washington, ours is the eternal “David.” We have a nice number of attendees signed up so far, but could certainly use more bodies up on Capitol Hill, and urge you to join us.

Q: What’s the cost? How do I sign up?
A: There’s no registration fee; you’ll just need to click here to sign yourself up, then reserve a room at our host hotel, the Washington Court, by calling Sherry Mostaghim at 202-879-7930 or email Although our discount room block deadline has passed, Ms. Mostaghim should be able to get you a room at a reasonable rate – just mention you’re with the ACMA group.

Register here for the November 14th Fly-in

Q: ACMA just held a Fly-in on October 11th – why another one?
A: We specifically timed both of these fly-ins for maximum impact in the House and Senate. The November fly-in is timed right at the outset of an anticipated lame duck session, which would run from November 13th to December 13th. Historically, lame duck sessions have yielded some of the most impactful legislation, so here will be our last opportunity to put pressure on Congress to act on our core postal and remote sales tax issues.

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Q: O.K. I just signed up. What else will take place?
A: First, be sure to arrive in time to make our preparatory “dutch dinner” in the Washington Court Hotel, beginning at 6:00 pm the evening of November 13th. Then early morning on Wednesday, the 14th, we’ll gather in the lobby and head over to Capitol Hill in groups. Plan to be on the Hill all day, scheduling return flights either after 8:00 pm that evening or on November 15th. 

Still not registered? Click here

Q: One last thing: Why is this so urgent? Can I really make any impact?
A: Absolutely. With Democrats favored to retake the House, the likelihood of remote sales tax and postal reform legislation advancing in the new Congressional session next year is low given that Democrats on the House Judiciary and House Oversight committees have indicated they will be focused on issues related to Trump Administration actions.

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