Washington is busy – and it isn’t just COVID-19 related.

For catalog/online merchants, there are a number of policy issues that can potentially put the industry at an inflection point. The ACMA and our policy experts at The Vogel Group would like to invite you to our free webinar on Wednesday, May 13th at 2:00 pm Eastern Time to explain the state of play in Washington.


The webinar will answer the following questions and more…

  • What’s the status of new COVID-19 relief funding?
  • How will Congress and the President solve the USPS funding gap?
  • What impact will the new postmaster general have?
  • What are policymakers thinking in terms of providing additional support for companies during the public health crisis?
  • How will new policy with China affect trade and tariffs?
  • What prognostications are credible concerning the election?


Alex Vogel (below left), CEO of The Vogel Group; Samir Kapadia (center), Head of Trade at The Vogel Group; and Hamilton Davison, president & executive director of the ACMA, will explain these evolving trends in Washington, DC as they affect your business.



Limited Non-Member Registration Available

ACMA is granting select non-member access to COVID-related materials during the pandemic. If you’re not currently an ACMA member but wish to participate, contact lnoble@catalogmailers.org or at 513-608-4749 and you will be given a special registration link. The member link provided above will not work for non-members.

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