ACMA’s recently-elected Chairman Jim Hall (at left), who is also President & CEO of The Vermont Country Store, spoke before the first in-person gathered group at NEMOA in three years in Boston on September 15th. Click here for his slides.

  • “Many of you may have heard about the ACMA, and some of you may even be members,” Mr. Hall said. “But you may not realize just how important the ACMA is to our industry and to each of our companies at this critical moment in time. It’s so important to our industry and how you can help ensure the ACMA succeeds because the future of our businesses depends on it.”

Below are 10 highlights and quotes from Mr. Hall’s presentation:

  1. The ACMA are our eyes and ears in Washington D.C., constantly monitoring activity on issues that directly affect our businesses.
  2. “I’ve heard folks here [at NEMOA] tell me before that NEMOA is looking out for them in Washington, so they don’t need to be a member of ACMA. This is not true! NEMOA’s mission is about educating and connecting folks in our industry to help grow our businesses. NEMOA does not do legislative advocacy or lobby for our industry. Only ACMA does that.”
  3. The ACMA looks out for all online retail marketers, not only those that mail catalogs!
  4. We are currently taking big hits on each of the ACMA’s top issues (consumer privacy, tax policy issues and postal regulatory) from judicial, legislative and regulatory policymaking that is eroding the strength of our businesses and jeopardizes our future.
  5. Any one of these has the potential to cause irreparable harm, and we are facing all three at one time. Ignoring what’s being done to us will spell certain disaster. And yet, most of our industry has their heads stuck in the sand.
  6. Join the ACMA so that together we can make our voices heard in Congress where the policies and decisions are being made that affect us.
  7. “We can’t stay out of the fray and believe that somehow everything is going to magically be OK,” Mr. Hall said. “That’s like saying we’ll just cross our fingers and hope that customers will show up at our doors or visit our website. That’s preposterous. We all know it takes calculated effort to make that happen.”
  8. You CAN do it, and it’s easier than you probably think. I know, because I’ve been meeting regularly with the Congressional delegation from Vermont for a few years now.
  9. Establishing relationships with members of Congress and their staff can have other benefits as well. By getting to know them, you have a direct line of communication to share insights, ideas and ask for help. This was helpful to The Vermont Country Store at the outset of the pandemic and at other times.
  10. ACMA’s leadership team can offer training, contact information, talking points and the right approach to help you connect with your Congressional delegation and position you for successful meetings.
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