On October 9th, the US Postal Service filed with the Postal Regulatory Commission its annual price change, based on a 1.46% CPI cap governing all market dominant categories. Below are highights of the Marketing Mail (MM) price increases, largely in line with ACMA’s annual prognostication shared exclusively with members last week:

Product                                                          Percent Change

Overall                                                            1.509%
Flats                                                                3.553
Letters                                                             0.771
Parcels                                                          16.791
High Density (HD) / Saturation Letters            2.373
HD / Saturation Flats & Parcels                      0.989
Carrier Route                                                  3.529
Every Door Direct Mail – Retail                       0.524

You’ll notice the larger increases in MM flats and Carrier Route (CR). As announced in the PRC’s Annual Compliance Determination Report (March 25, 2020), the PRC had directed the USPS to raise flats and parcel rates at least 2 percentage points. For parcels, the price hike is more than 15 percentage points above the MM class average.

Below are other highlights from the rate filing:

  • Click here to review the complete rate filing
  • Click here for spreadsheets to all rate changes (MM tab will come up first)
  • Click here for a MM and 1st Class rate change breakdown spreadsheet
  • No change to the 55 cent First-Class Mail single piece rate, while the meter rate for First will increase to 51 cents.
  • A 1/10-cent incentive for eDoc submitters who use seamless acceptance
  • USPS mailing promotions will be retained, largely resembling this past year’s schedule.
  • Domestic competitive products price changes have not yet been announced.

As the ACMA analyzes the filing more, we’ll report back to the membership.

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