As you know, a UPS strike is imminent, as its workforce could walk out as soon as August 1st. This could prove highly disruptive to our member companies’ businesses and other partners. There is no replacement capacity adequate to take the entire UPS daily package load, so significant delays can be expected if a strike occurs. This will put additional financial pressure on all and lead to higher UPS rates as well as for FedEx and the USPS in turn generating higher prices across the market for consumers.

The Biden Administration has previously stepped in to avoid other crippling strikes when essential infrastructure is involved and has helped broker negotiated solutions without work stoppages. We are hoping it will do so again here. There are other groups advocating for this intervention also, so we hope this request for help is well supported across American business of all types.

ACMA sent this letter to the White House on July 21st, and we urge you to do the same. Using our letter as a “model” you can follow, please send your letter via email on your company letterhead to Navtej Dhillon (, Chief of Staff for the National Economic Council. Feel free to add relevant details applicable to your business or customize the letter in any way.

Please bcc: so we are informed of your taking action and can refer to it in conversations with WH staffers. As a strike could occur very soon, please take action right away.

Thank you,

Hamilton Davison
President & Executive Director

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