Apologies to keep inundating you with these updates, but following the House’s passage of HR 3076 -The Postal Service Reform Act on February 8th, there are signs from the Senate that we’re getting very near the goal line. Here’s the latest we’re hearing as of this morning:

  • The Senate is going to put the House postal bill directly on the Senate floor. A vote could come as soon as Monday, February 14th.
  • The bill is going to be hot-lined today or tomorrow to see if there are any objections, but it’s almost certain we’ll need cloture.
  • We expect no issues on the Democratic side. So, please reach out not only to Republican cosponsors of the Senate bill, but to any and all Republicans in the Senate.

Our Final Blitz
With that in mind, here’s where you can help:

  • We have until noon Eastern today to add more company/organization names to a mail industry coalition letter to the Senate, which will essentially be the same as our letter to the House (with all signatories retained from that letter). So if you didn’t previously sign onto the House letter, please respond to this email allowing us to add your company’s name to the Senate letter.
  • Separately, we now can offer you a quicker simpler way to reach out directly to your Republican senators. Use this tool from KeepUSPosted, the industry campaign the ACMA recently helped launch. It’s self-explanatory.

If anything’s unclear, just also respond to this email with your questions. Meantime, we’ll keep you posted on our progress.

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