Dear Industry Member:

While we already have a solid turnout for ACMA’s forthcoming Washington fly-in on October 11th, so much more is at stake that if you still think you could make it, by all means do. Here’s why:

1. House set to flip?
Given recent polling and trends, it appears very possible Democrats could re-take the House. Regardless of your political party affiliation, that means our chances of getting sales tax collection relief, in light of the Supreme Court’s Wayfair ruling, are severely reduced. The D’s historically have little sympathy for our side of this matter and this underscores the urgency for our industry to take action.

2. Last Chance
As it turns out, October 11th will fall right in the heart (and heat) of the opportunity to get legislation through. Following the Supreme Court decision (in which they again urged Congress to act) we must set some basic guidelines as to what the rules going forward will be for remote sellers operating nationwide​. Without this, it’ll be the “Wild West” for states to grab all they can get from us, including retroactivity. And this is just the start. Unchecked, there may be no end to what a “foreign” state or locality can impose on companies outside their jurisdiction.  ​

Come make a difference and join our fly-in by clicking this simple RSVP email. Although our room block at the Washington Court Hotel is now sold out, there are still some regularly-priced rooms available (click here for the hotel’s reservation page). If you need further assistance finding an area hotel, please indicate so in your email.

3. Free Webinar on 2018 Elections: September 26th at 3:30 pm Eastern Time
Next Wednesday, ACMA government relations consultant Alex Vogel will lead a webinar on the upcoming midterms and what it may mean, particularly the ​ramifications of the House flipping to Democratic control. Mr. Vogel will share data around the issues, offer his expert predictions, and discuss the ramifications to our key issues. Click here to register; it’s free to both ACMA members and non-members

Click here for additional information on both our
October 11th and November 14th fly-in lobby days.

We know this is the busiest time of the year for many of our members and others in the industry. But the stakes are huge. This is crunch time in Congress too and a flurry of things can happen at the end of a session. We need it to also include relief in tax and postal that will enable your company’s success in 2019 and beyond. Please participate if at all possible but make sure you reach out to your federal elected officials on H.R. 6824 in any case.

Your role here cannot be replaced by us. A little time and effort across the industry will be very helpful.

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