The ACMA’s Recent Achievements

The following achievements were made possible due to generous member support.


Catalog Postage Rate Enhancements

Flat Rates Sequencing

  • Worked directly with USPS officials to “undo” the unworkable 2015 flat sequencing system (FSS) rate structure. The change encourages catalogers to claim the distribution density rate their books qualify for instead of resorting to FSS premium rates and unnecessary mail diversions. The changes took effect January 2017, removing 4.5% on average of additional industry postage cost.

Weight Break Point

  • Increased the weight break point for Standard Mail flats from 3.3 oz. to 4.0 oz., enabling “free” page counts. The 2017 change stands to increase average order values dramatically improving the value of mail.

Standard Mail Flats

  • Gained indefinite “stay of execution” despite Postal Rate Commission’s previous noncompliance finding for Standard Mail Flats that would have dramatically increased catalog postage rates.
  • Currently working with USPS to reduce flat mail costs to meet compliance standards.

’Growth for Both’

  • Working to rejuvenate growth of catalog mail volume through ACMA and USPS combined initiative “Growth for Both.” A catalog volume-based incentive is expected in the near future.

Exigency Rate

  • Challenged USPS exigency rate filing and won limited exigency rate period and required roll-back.
  • Participated in US Court of Appeals suit challenging the result and won!
  • Effort gained catalogers at least four additional months of no rate increase in 2015, keeping 4.3% from permanently being added to the rate base.

Postal Reform Lobbying

  • Aggressively lobbied for postal reform legislation that addressed USPS finances, cost structure, innovation and refined Congressional overcharges to postal rate payers.
  • Additional lobbying ensured that catalogers would receive no Congressionally-mandated postage increases.

Remote Sales Tax

South Dakota Lawsuit

  • Sued South Dakota to prevent implementation of remote sales tax collection law that would force out-of-state sellers with as few as 200 transactions per year to collect state and local sales taxes.

Marketplace Fairness Act & Remote Transactions Parity Act

  • As a co-founder of TruST, the True Simplification of Taxation Coalition, ACMA helped defeat disastrous proposals in Congress by big box retailers (and Amazon) that would undermine cataloging.

Online Sales Simplification Act

  • Heavily promoted the important characteristics of Quill v. North Dakota-friendly legislation, as well as simplification and fairness in any sales tax collection program.
  • Directed successful letter writing campaigns to demonstrate crucial support for ACMA positions.

Tennessee Department of Revenue

  • After testifying and lobbying the DOR, ACMA is taking steps to sue Tennessee to stop its illegal nexus laws in violation of the Quill

Utah, Alabama and Other States

  • Challenged unconstitutional sales tax collection policies in several states, such as Utah and Alabama, in 2016-17
  • Most policies would require remote marketers to collect sales taxes from in-state consumers without physical presence requirements — in contravention of Supreme Court precedent established in Quill v. North Dakota.

Catalog Industry Advocacy & Education

  • Produced groundbreaking catalog industry surveys to encourage fact-based policy discussions.
  • Published valuable member reports on policy, postal and legal developments that will affect members.
  • Raised the profile of catalogs both in Washington and nationally by continuing to educate policymakers and the public about the benefits c