On December 18th, the House Committee on Energy & Commerce released a bipartisan discussion draft on federal privacy regulations. The legislation would provide nationwide privacy laws for handling personal information and draw new safeguards for how companies can collect and use consumer data.

The ACMA feels the remote sales community should openly welcome such legislation, as it will clarify federal expectations of our member companies and others while promoting healthy exchanges with your customers and especially prospects.

How You Can Help (It’s Easy)
We urge you to take action to help get this draft bill into law. Three simple steps:

  1. Click here for a brief overview of the discussion draft.
  2. Click here for a letter template we’ve written for you to complete (fill in the red portions) and send on your own letterhead.
  3. Click here for a complete list of House Energy & Commerce Committee Members to see if you have any geographic connections to their jurisdictions (eg: your HQs, clusters of employees, field sales offices, etc.). Ideally, with over 50 committee Members, you’ll find a connection. If you cannot, it’s still important to share your input with someone who represents a district close to any of your locales.

Why You Should Take Action
Ultimately, there are provisions in this draft bill that will affect companies of all sizes, so it helps for you to express your opinion here. The key is to get involved early in this process so the right policy makers and decision makers are familiar with your company and views.

Please also be sure to cc or bcc action@catalogmailers.org for any letters you send via email. We would advise against postal mail as it can take lengthy periods of time to get through security screening. As always, ACMA staff is happy to help our members.

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