This week, the Postal Service Reform Act is being introduced. (You can also click here to read the summary memo.) There will be a markup in the Committee on Oversight and Reform on May 13th. The bill accomplishes some key items the mailing industry has long supported, such as the repeal of prefunding retiree health benefits and integrating postal retirees into Medicare. But it does nothing on rates or service, as repeal and Medicare integration will not affect the USPS’s plans to raise rates later this year.

Take Action Now – Very Easy Steps
With that in mind, we’re asking all those with interests in business mail to please go to this page and message your Members of Congress. Alternatively, you can text MAIL to 52886. Please pass this onto your employees as well. And be sure to share this infographic from the Coalition for a 21st Century Postal Service (C-21). (ACMA is an active participant in the larger C-21.)

We are at a now or never point. Next year will be too late. Next month could be. This legislation, since it is a bipartisan compromise, is likely to move. And as much as it is of some help, it won’t stop this anticipated rate hike from compounding over the years.

Please take action right away – the landing page is simple and easy to use. Thank you.

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