Dear Member:

In our ongoing effort to keep you up to speed on COVID-19 contingencies and necessary changes from the Postal Service, we want to pass along the following information from the Postal Service:

The following help desks are operating under contingency. In the event you do not reach a live agent, leave a message and an agent will return your call. To expedite assistance, you may opt to send an email to the following helpdesks

You may also email questions or concerns about COVID-19 to with COVID-19 in the subject line.  Mailers may also sign up for Industry Alerts at

New Processes for Bulk Hold Mail and Forwarding Requests by Businesses
Separately, the Postal Service has implemented two new processes to allow businesses to submit Hold Mail requests in bulk (10 or more), as well as requests to forward mail from many locations (10 or more) to one.

The new processes allow businesses with 10 or more requests to provide the Postal Service with an Excel spreadsheet with the addresses and relevant information for their hold or forwarding requests. Businesses must provide the information in a specific Excel file format.  The Sales Representative will coordinate directly with the customer to obtain the required information.

There are currently no changes to the maximum timeframe for holding mail (30 days).  Businesses should contact their Sales Representative if they would like to request Bulk Hold Mail (10 or more) for 30 Days or to Forward Mail from many locations (10 or more) to one.

For more information on these new processes, please contact your Sales Representative or email

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