Paul Miller

September 14, 2016


Dear Catalog Industry Executive:

The catalog industry just a couple of weeks ago had a tremendous turnout of support for the House Judiciary Committee’s simplified sales tax collection discussion draft. Now we need to shift gears over to the House’s postal reform bill (H.R. 5714).

Letter of Support
The Coalition for a 21st Century Postal Service, of which the ACMA is a member, has drafted an industry letter. We need hundreds of companies to sign up in support of H.R. 5714 at once.
Why This Matters To You

As we said when the bill was first drafted in June, we feel this is a workable bill, given the wide variety of interests each pulling for their vision of an ideal Postal Service. The cost improvements will offset the 2% rate hike and in our view if that is the price of getting it done, it is worth the support. The impact of not getting any postal reform and the cost reductions contained within it could be catastrophic, because then the Postal Regulatory Commission’s upcoming 10-year review would likely produce big rate hikes to offset losses.

Our Simple Ask

  1. Just respond to this email authorizing us to include your company name(s) as a signatory by clicking here.
  2. Indicate the exact manner you wish your company name(s) written in the letter.

This is another easy and free way to take action, but we need your quick response now.

Hamilton Davison
President and Executive Director
American Catalog Mailers Association, Inc.

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