Paul Miller

August 24, 2016


Dear Catalog & E-commerce Executive:

Over the objections of big box retailers who want you to collect for more than 10,000 different tax jurisdictions, a reasonable approach has emerged from the House Judiciary Committee and its Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-VA-6th). The Committee is releasing a discussion draft of its legislation later this week, and it is imperative that this draft get a strong showing of industry support.

The Online Sales Simplification Act (OSSA) is the best approach we have seen to definitively put to rest sales tax collection issues for remote sellers. A summary of this bill can be found here.

Every other alternative is not workable. This year, states have become increasingly aggressive trying to force remote sellers into a myriad of new nexus thresholds. But clarifying federal legislation would simplify matters overnight and bring true parity between various types of sellers.

Review the Letter

The TruST coalition has drafted an industry letter, which you can find here. We need hundreds of companies to sign up in support at once. We know the other side will come out with guns blazing. If we fail to show strong support on the other side, this bill will be DOA.

Our Simple Ask

  1. Just respond to this email authorizing us to include your company name(s) as a signatory.
  2. Indicate the exact manner you wish your company name(s) written in the letter.
  3. Attach your logo(s) for each company or brand in your corporation.

This is an easy and free way to take action, but we need your quick response now.

Hamilton Davison
President & Executive Director
American Catalog Mailers Association



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