The American Catalog Mailers Association is excited to formally announce that the 12th Annual National Catalog Forum will take place a little earlier than usual next year – April 8-10, 2018, in Washington, DC.

Right now, catalogers have much at stake. In addition to a full day’s worth of sessions, we will hold a productive day of meetings with members of Congress as we did this past year.

The 2018 Forum drew very high attendee reviews and our largest audience ever. No wonder. Our future is being determined now. As ACMA continues its positive momentum on key postal and tax issues, join us to advance the industry’s goals.

Preliminary Details (more to follow):

  • Place: Washington Court Hotel, 525 New Jersey Ave NW, Washington, DC. Discount reservations will be made available soon.
  • Start/end times: Pre-meetings and board meeting during the day, Monday, April 8th. Most attendees will arrive for the Welcome Reception that evening. Expect a full day’s worth of sessions on the 9th, a special Capitol Hill VIP Reception that evening, and a day on Capitol Hill on the 10th building on our relationships with Congress.
  • Session requests: We welcome ideas or topics for sessions germane to the work the ACMA does on behalf of its members and focused on external influences on your business best managed collectively. Please keep in mind that the goal of our sessions is to advance the ACMA’s advocacy work on behalf of our members.

Click here if you’d like to suggest a particular session topic and/or speaker. In doing so, consider what pressing issues you’d like to see addressed in an open forum. While we can’t promise we’ll use all topics submitted, we’re happy to work with you to try to develop them.

More details coming soon. Please calendar April 8-10, 2019 now!

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