ACMA Advocacy Pays Off

FSS Pricing Eliminated; Standard Flats To Increase by 2.5%; Piece Rate Standard Flats Minimum Raised to 4.0 oz.

The US Postal Service filed on October 12th its next postage adjustment to take effect at midnight on January 22, 2017, pending Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) approval. While the Standard Mail class overall is to be increased by 0.895%, Standard Mail Flats will be increased by a weighted average of 2.493%, reflective of a PRC directive for the Postal Service to pull Standard Mail Flats out of its underwater status. Carrier Route was reduced by an average of 3.09% in part due to the removal of the FSS premium previously imposed, and High Density reduced by 2.025%. Also the USPS intends to formally change the name of Standard Mail to USPS Marketing Mail.