ACMA Catalog Company Membership


Dues period runs October 1st to September 30th each year. First year dues can be pro-rated to the month of joining.

For Catalog Members, dues amount to an average of ¼% of your annual postal expenditure per year.

Tier Annual Catalog Postal Spend Annual Dues Inferred Company Sales
1 up to $150,000 $1,000 near $1 million
2 $150K to $500K $1,500 near $5 million
3 $500K to $1million $2,500 $6 to $12 million
4 $1 to $3 million $5,000 $12 to $35 million
5 $3 to $5 million $10,000 $35 to $65 million
6 $5 to $10 million $20,000 $65 to $150 million
7 above $10 million $30,000 above $150 million


Dues information is confidential to the ACMA staff and is not released to members or third parties. All ACMA staff members sign a non-disclosure statement as a condition of their service to the association.

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Other Details:
Organizing assessment was dropped ($5,000) in 2007
Dues levels have not changed since ACMA’s founding
Dues are invoiced annually; quarterly payment plans accepted when necessary on request by the member