Catalog Industry Action Funds

Support specific areas of ACMA’s program of work by providing much needed resources dedicated to a particular issue. The catalog industry’s Action Funds are segregated accounts held by ACMA, made available as a “war chest” to deploy on specific issues that impact cataloging, and thereby eliminating the time and effort needed to raise funds in the heat of battle.

Please note that your contributions to ACMA Action Funds will not be used for any general ACMA “corporate purposes.” You do not have to be an ACMA member to donate. Rather, you are supporting our network of consultants on whom we depend to advocate for catalogs. These moneys only will be used to fund out-of-pocket expenses to impact the specific issues outlined in this document. Large volume donors may be considered for Steering Committees of each Fund.

Post-Wayfair Tax Action Fund

Support ACMA’s policy positions on tax matters to activate the industry, build coalitions sympathetic to catalog marketers on sales/use tax collection, compliance and reporting, work to get favorable clarifying federal legislation passed, document the cost of changes arising out of a change to longstanding tax law and force taxing jurisdictions to be reasonable in their demands. By coordinating an industry-wide push for Constitutional protections to interstate commerce, show widespread need for legislation. Help establish guardrails on the rules of the road going forward, through litigation when necessary. Stop overly aggressive state actions that are wasteful, redundant or unnecessarily complicate compliance.

Privacy Action Fund

The California Consumer Privacy Act, taking effect in January 2020, will have a long-reaching national impact on catalog and e-commerce merchants. To stop upwards of 49 other states from imposing copycat laws of their own, Federal legislation is sorely needed. ACMA has a plan, but sorely needs funding beyond just member dues to fight this. We need to hire lawyers, researchers and other outside experts as the privacy fight intensifies. Please consider making a donation of significance (beyond your annual dues) to our new Privacy war chest.

Postal Action Fund

With the 10-year review calling for potentially large postage increases in the coming years, ACMA must be in a position to mount a strong defense of catalogs. The PRC is proposing a series of annual increases above the CPI.  The current CPI-capped system is the only protection against runaway rate increases mailers have. ACMA expects a big fight in 2018 and needs the resources to mount a credible defense of the rate cap and insure transparency and predictability while making sure fallacious claims that catalogs are not profitable for the USPS will not be used to dramatically push up postage rates as was done in 2007. This fund helps us hire lawyers, lobbyists, economists and other professionals to support our staff and member work.

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Restricted Status: Each Fund will be separately administered as restricted under the direction of the ACMA Board of Directors by the ACMA Treasurer and our association accountant. An elected Officer from the Executive Committee or the ACMA Board will authorize disbursements. Details on expenditures will be made available to any material contributor on request. Restricted funds may be released only upon authorization of the benefactor or in the event the contributing entity is defunct, by vote of the ACMA Board.

Use of Funds: Moneys from each fund may be used for hiring lobbyists, economists, attorneys, consultants, public relations or government relations personnel, conducting research or other surveys highlighting positions favorable to cataloging, supporting coalitions or other groups allied to our positions, paying for advertising aimed at influencing elected officials or other stakeholders, organizing grass roots outreach, education or advocacy in support of public policy positions or for other tactics favorable to ACMA policy positions. Money raised will not be used to support any political candidate or political party; these moneys must come from a Political Action Committee.