Postal Reform Act Signed Into Law
President Biden just signed (at right) the Postal Service Reform Act into law in a small ceremony in front of government officials. As many of you know, this marks the completion of a 12-year effort in which ACMA staff, both on our own and in conjunction with the broader mailing Coalition for a 21st Century Postal Service, relentlessly pursued this vital law.

We didn’t go it alone. Many ACMA members and others were instrumental in communicating with both your House and Senate Members how vitally important a properly operating Postal Service is to your future.

Like a boxer bouncing off the canvas over multiple rounds, our efforts spanned over six Congresses. We shot down some really ill-considered ideas and overall, we did not get all we needed on gaining better control of postage increases. However, this bill dropped a 2.15% one-time increase that was in previous versions of this bill, a major achievement.

Look for us to turn to you for help in the future, as we’ll continue working toward gaining greater control of future rate hikes.

USPS Proposes Rate Hikes to Take Effect in July
On the topic of rate hikes, the USPS proposed with the Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) postal rate increases to take effect on July 10th. Click here for the full filing, including all proposed rate changes.

Among the assorted price changes, those of interest to ACMA members include a 6.5% increase in Marketing Mail and an 8.5% in package services. Marketing Mail flats all got the PRC-mandated +2% for an average 8.5%. The First Class stamp would rise to 60 cents.​

The USPS had previously indicated its intention to file for the summertime increase. In public statements, postal officials also said they’d use the pricing authority granted by the PRC “judiciously”; however, the agency took the max allowed. ACMA continues to work with partner industry group to lessen or eliminate this trend going forward.


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