On Oct. 9th, the US Postal Service filed with the Postal Regulatory Commission for postage increases averaging 1.9% overall, with an implementation date of January 26, 2020. For Marketing Mail flats, however, the increase will average 3.9%, due to a PRC directive from last year’s Annual Compliance Determination to increase MM flats 2% greater than the MM average based on their underwater status. This chart offers a snapshot of Marketing Mail rate hikes:

The complete filing can be found here. A notice of correction to USPS’s mail classification schedule was later filed on Oct. 10th. Per law, most of the rate changes align with the Consumer Price Index; however, some mail products like the First Class Forever stamp, will receive no increase at all. Also, as you can see from the Marketing Mail chart above, Carrier Route is receiving only a 1.1% increase.

On the other hand, in High Density and Saturation Flats and Parcels, Detached Address Labels will increase from $0.04 to $0.045 and Detached Marketing Labels for Saturation Flats will increase from $0.04 to $0.050. Also in the filing, USPS promotions will largely remain the same as they were offered for 2019.

ACMA & USPS Guidance
In the upcoming weeks, ACMA will offer guidance and further explanations to members, as well as an informational webinar date t/b/d.

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