For the second time in less than two weeks, the Postal Regulatory Commission earlier this week remanded the Postal Service’s rate proposal. Below are the key points from the PRC order relating to the Standard Mail portion.

  • In looking at the USPS’s March 12 response, the PRC found unequal discounts for Commercial vs. Nonprofit High Density flats and letters. The Postal Service must fix or explain this.
  • The Commission was “unable to verify” some of the exigent surcharges and asks the Postal Service for explanation and calculations.
  • The PRC remands the Standard Mail price adjustments identified in the USPS’s March 12th response to allow the Postal Service to submit amendments that achieve compliance with title 39, legal precedent, and applicable regulations.
  • Once the Postal Service files a response, the public will have 7 days from the date of that filing to comment on the revised proposal.

Questions exist about whether the USPS will be able to enact new rates on its originally-set implementation date of April 26th. Rates for First Class and special services not affected by these two remands are ready to be implemented. The Postal Service could choose a different implementation date for some or all of the rates. Stay tuned for further developments.

Full PRC order link
PRC press release link


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