Dear Industry Member:

Last month we released the very troubling results from our survey on remote merchants’ post-Wayfair actions. Since that time, we’ve been approached by some members who are eager to take their cases to Capitol Hill. Problem is, two cases won’t cut it; we need more. So with that in mind, ACMA needs multiple case studies that can be taken to the Hill demanding attention and action from Congress.

Below is a simple template for you to give us the facts from your company’s experience, as well as actual completed case studies from both longtime ACMA member K-Log and new member Halstead Bead, Inc., the latter of whom takes a broader approach:

Our Ask:

  1. Please complete the template and send it back to If you can’t fill out the whole thing, fill out whatever you can.​
  2. Ideally, we present yours and other case studies received fully “on the record.” If you’re unsure or uneasy about identifying your company name in your case study, please let me know and we can work with you (in confidence) on viable alternatives.

You have been clear about the devastating impact of the Wayfair decision as it is continuing to unfold. As you will see, this kind of highly credible accounting makes a tremendous impact. Halstead Bead shows that it has compliance costs of $154,500 to collect new sales tax revenues of $61,368 while compliance costs and headcount reductions have cost $104,253 in federal and state tax payments. The cost benefit for the government is clear, making this a lose-lose-lose all around.

Paul Miller
VP & Deputy Director

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