Hill Work on Wayfair Not Done;
We Need Your Company’s Name on Urgent Letter to Congressional Leaders


Dear Catalog & E-commerce Industry Member:

Last Thursday, we had a most productive fly-in on Capitol Hill. Those who participated as well as the continued support of those who couldn’t attend have made traction on this issue possible.

Based on feedback from Capitol Hill offices, as well as various political considerations, we need your permission to sign your company name to this letter. The lame duck session of Congress (post-election) will be our only chance to get something done this year. The Sensenbrenner bill, in its entirety, may be too large a package to tack onto “must pass” legislation at the end of the year. Rather, a smaller ask is more politically feasible and only needs to have the “sign off” of leadership and support from Members of Congress.

Our letter outlines everything we (realistically) hope for. It emphasizes that an implementation date of April 1, 2019, is paramount and that legislation must be enacted before the end of the year or our industry will face severe hardships which we outline.

Your Simple Action
We need to get hundreds of companies listed as signatories to this letter, both members and non-members, catalogers, suppliers and other remote merchants. If you are willing to add your company name, please email action@catalogmailers.org and provide your name, title, company name, total employment expressed as FTEs, and list every state in which you have operations (employees, assets, incorporated entities and real estate holdings)..

**Deadline: this Thursday, October 18th**

Any questions, contact pmiller@catalogmailers.org, or call 914-669-8391.

Paul Miller
Vice President & Deputy Director
American Catalog Mailers Association

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