Dear Industry Member:

Thanks to those who have taken action. Via our address, we’ve observed dozens of executives contacting their legislators requesting communications to Congressional leadership that no retroactive remote sales tax collection and an orderly phase-in both be added to must-pass legislation in the lame duck.

Yes, we’ve been sounding the alarm bells for several weeks now, but here’s the problem: The Speaker’s office tells us they have not received enough input from House members that they view this as an essential step prior to this Congress adjourning and a new Congress being seated.

If we are to get an orderly phase in, hundreds of companies must take action on this matter. So please spread the word and be sure every member of Congress in all districts in which you have a presence hear from you and your colleagues. If this is to happen, an overwhelming industry outreach is required.

Details on what to say and how to find your representative are found here.

Time is of the essence. Congress does not care that many companies are totally consumed with servicing holiday orders. Only widespread outreach now will make a difference. Please reach out to Congress today.

Happy to help or address questions. Thank you.


Hamilton Davison
President & Executive Director
American Catalog Mailers Association

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