Membership Benefits

Why Join?

  • The American Catalog Mailers Association leads the fight in Washington and state legislatures on the most significant policy issues affecting the direct marketers, online merchants and store retailers who mail catalogs, as well as their suppliers.
  • Over the past 10 years, ACMA has championed lower postage rates, beat back intrusive sales tax legislation, advocated for smart e-commerce policies, and built trusted relationships with regulators and legislators to address the individual concerns and needs of its members.

What Has the ACMA Done Lately?

  • Click here for a list of our recent achievements.

ACMA Has Preferred Status With Postal Regulators:

  • Any time US Postal Service officials consider doing something with anyone in the catalog sector, they ask us, ‘What do you know about this company?’ When officials hear they’re an ACMA member, that makes a huge difference in the outcome.

Example: Longtime member Potpourri Group’s executives said they would not have known about the opportunity for a catalog-specific postal Negotiated Service Agreement (NSA) if not for ACMA, including our guidance and support during the process. ACMA is willing and eager to help other similarly situated member catalogers get NSAs and the postage savings can be quite significant.

ACMA Has Relationships with Key Policymakers

  • Whenever a tax or regulatory issue is up for debate in Congress, ACMA is there — lobbying members of Congress and regulators to make sure the voice of the catalog marketing industry is heard.

Example: ACMA’s aggressive outreach to members of Congress was instrumental in stopping Congress from passing fatally-flawed sales tax collection legislation that would have exposed catalog marketers to thousands of tax jurisdictions and auditors in 46 states.

ACMA Members Get VIP Treatment

  • Postal and other key government officials know the ACMA is plugged into Washington and can work to make sure their members’ voices are heard.

Example: When an ACMA member recently had some issues with a catalog mailing it was unable to solve after months of trying with local USPS reps, they called on the ACMA for help. Since we are well connected to postal officials, the postal regulator and Congress, we knew who to call and got the problem solved. Postal officials take care of ACMA members because ACMA has proven it has access to the right people in Washington.

ACMA Gives Its Members the Information They Need

  • Members receive a steady flow of catalog-specific information about what is happening in DC – both generally, postal-specific, tax-related, plus any/all other key externals of concern to catalogers.

Example: Rather than wasting your time sifting through industry newsletters that barely touch on the issues you care about most, ACMA provides the catalog-specific insights you care about. Not only do we curate the info you need; we also explain why it matters to you.

ACMA Provides Members With Exclusive Early Notice:

  • Oftentimes, members gain from our insights well before they hear it elsewhere – postage incentives, early warnings about regulatory compliance, prognostications of catalog rate changes, etc.

Example: Our members got wind of the postal summer sales three weeks before anyone did – and that was critical because notice was so short

ACMA is Your Personal Problem-Solver

  • ACMA will advocate for issues specific to your company. When problems arise involving your company and USPS, state tax collectors, or other crises, where can you turn? ACMA is available to members round-the-clock to help resolve myriad of issues impacting your business.

ACMA Membership is Vital for You

  • The only way to manage external costs is collectively as an industry. No matter how big a company you are, trying to manage these matters individually is often too much for one company.
  • Companies that have been ACMA members from the outset have achieved a supersized 15x ROI on their membership dues. This kind of ROI can only be sustained if ACMA continues to add more members like you. It is a numbers game in Washington. You join, you help bring in other members to join, everyone benefits.
The Benefits of Supplier Membership

If you are a supplier to companies that mail catalogs, you may be wondering what the value is in joining an advocacy organization that is completely focused on the needs of catalog mailers. Below are some key specific points as to why supplier members (and not just the catalogers) need to be on board as well.

  • You’re taking certain action to protect the long-term financial health of your catalog client base, and you demonstrate an unwavering commitment to the catalog vertical.
  • Your support for ACMA is a reminder to mailer members of the services you make available to them and a constant reminder that you are willing to bid for their business.
  • Your support is crucial in keeping catalogers in the mail and needing your company’s services.
  • You can cultivate your business relationships with cataloger members and use your considerable influence thru relations with USPS and other organizations to keep them mailing.
  • You gain the chance to develop close executive relationships with owners, officers and thought-leaders in the catalog industry rather than just the purchasing agents. For the most part, the primary member contacts from ACMA cataloger members are CEOs – you don’t get this kind of access to CEOs with membership in most other organizations.
  • As you know, marketing communications is changing and ACMA presents suppliers the best opportunity to be close to those that use the mail and are looking for ways to integrate the mail into the other communications channels through which their customers are shopping. Our cataloger members have to learn to talk to their customers the way they want to be heard from; however, print will always be a big part of that – so the cataloger members are eager to keep their suppliers close, particularly those who are also ACMA members.
  • Lastly, consider this: It’s no secret that marketing channels continue to shift to online and away from print. But that shift doesn’t have to be so severe. Catalog postage is more than 15% less than it would have been if not for ACMA’s advocacy. Without ACMA, the catalog industry would have shrunk a whole lot more. If we can’t continue to go to bat for catalog mail, you can be sure this will occur. But if we grow and are better supported, we’ll ensure there continues to be a catalog industry. Plain and simple: That gives you more healthy customers and prospects to work with.