Dear Industry Member:

Here’s the latest on the House-passed postal reform bill (HR 3076): Last night, the Senate voted 74-20 in favor of *cloture. This paves the way for a full Senate floor vote tomorrow, March 2nd.

*By definition, cloture is a Senate procedure that limits further consideration of a pending proposal to 30 hours in order to end a filibuster.

On the Cusp of a Long, Hard-Fought Victory
As many of you know, this has been a long and hard-fought battle to get us this close to the goal line. ACMA’s staff, its government affairs firm The Vogel Group, its members and others, as well as several other trade groups are all to be commended for this overwhelming approval, which included 27 Republicans and all Democratic senators.

To those who got out and urged their senators to vote for cloture and the forthcoming floor vote, we thank you very much – your activism made a huge difference! Now, if you can make a final push to your senators, especially Republicans, you can help ensure this bill gets passed.

We’ll be back in touch later in the week with further updates, but for now, although anything could come along to upend this crucial bill (as it could with any bill at this stage), things are looking promising.

Thank you,

Hamilton Davison
President & Executive Director

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