Dear Industry Member:

Today, this powerful letter containing over 1,200 signatures from assorted representatives of the mailing industry was sent to the House and Senate majority and minority leaders. Along with the other industry organizations and companies comprising the sender, the Coalition for a 21st Century Postal Service (C-21), the ACMA successfully recruited many of you to sign on and we thank you for your support.

The letter is part of our ongoing efforts to convince Congress and the president of the dire need for emergency federal funding to save the Postal Service. We will keep you posted on our progress.

More Convincing Needed
In the meantime, whether you signed on to the letter or not, feel free to share it with your elected officials and remind them how vital the Postal Service is to your business. And perhaps above all else, keep in mind how little so many of them realize about the vitality of the USPS to American life, its importance to the economy ($1.6 trillion in commerce), and to the country’s employment (7.3 million jobs).

Only through continued widespread outpouring from citizens will we see Congress move to support the postal system quickly.


Hamilton Davison
President & Executive Director
American Catalog Mailers Association

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