Representatives from the Coalition for a 21st Century Postal Service (C-21), including ACMA’s Hamilton Davison, recently hosted staffers from a half dozen Congressional offices.

The event was opened by mailing industry proponent Rep. Glenn Grothman (R-WI-6th, pictured at right). In addition to stressing the importance of the Postal Service, the goal was to educate a new crop of Capitol Hill postal staffers from offices that are not as familiar with what keeps the USPS delivering affordably and reliably and the need for legislation now.

Representing Marketing Mail interests, Davison emphasized the potentially fatal impact the impending August 30th postage increase will have on catalog and other mailers’ future use of the mail. Other C-21 members discussed similar problems for the other mail classes from the rate hike as well as the USPS’s deliberate slowdown of mail delivery.

The meeting, which you can replay here, included presentation of this video.  This material may be useful when you meet with your local Members of Congress, colleagues and friends to level set those less familiar with postal affairs. Companies across the industry are strongly urged to reach out to elected officials asking for postal reform. There is no better time for that than right now when Members are home in their districts.

Please take action on this immediately. Here are two handy links to make that easier:

  • Stakeholder Campaign (this is a blank email for organic messages to Congress): | OR, text “mail” to 52886 and tap the response message.
  • Consumer (Ad) Campaign (an editable email with suggested messaging): | OR, text “FIXUSPS” to 52886 and tap the response message.
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