Dear Industry Member:

Working off of a similar letter template distributed by the Association for Postal Commerce (PostCom), of which ACMA is a member, the ACMA encourages all in the mailing industry to write your members of Congress and get them to urge the Postal Regulatory Commission to remove the significant postal rate hikes from its 10-year review proposal. Here are several easy steps we hope you will take:

  • The ACMA has taken the PostCom letter and tweaked it a bit for our catalog and catalog supplier audience. Click here to access a Word doc template and be sure to fill in all the sections in RED CAPS.
  • Please note that comments before the PRC are due next Thursday, March 1st, so don’t delay in reaching out to your legislators ASAP.
  • Use your company letterhead and personalize our template wherever possible. Emphasize the potential rate hike’s impact on local jobs.
  • Please bcc action@catalogmailers in your email cover letter.

The ACMA is happy to help any way possible. Call 1-800-509-9514 or simply reply to this email with any questions.

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