You may recall the successful effort we undertook last Fall in conjunction with the Coalition for a 21st Century Postal Service (C-21) in sending a letter supporting the 114th Congress’s postal reform bill. Incredibly, the letter was eventually signed by 1,335 companies and trade associations. That made a big impact. We are now at a crossroads where we need to do another one in support of the 115th Congress’s bill – HR 756. This time it will be to Ways & Means (W&M) Chairman Kevin Brady (R-TX) and Ranking Member Richard Neal (D-MA).

Sign Letter of Support
C-21, of which the ACMA is a member, has drafted an industry letter. You need not read any further if you will agree to include your company’s name in it. Simply click here and list your name, title and your company’s name for inclusion. Also, please be sure to indicate the exact manner you wish your company name(s) written in the letter.

Why This Matters To You
HR 756 is not a perfect bill. As with the comparable bill from the last Congress, it mandates a 2.15% rate increase; however, we believe the overall impact of this legislation reduces the potential for dramatic rate hikes should no bill be passed.

The bill has been held up partly due to no action taken by the W&M Committee. Chairman Brady has indicated sympathy for addressing the Postal Service’s problems, and committed to thoroughly reviewing HR 756, but he doesn’t know when because of tax reform and other issues – essentially, he claims he just doesn’t have the bandwidth right now.

Another letter with a thousand-plus signatories will demonstrate to Mr. Brady that this needs his attention too as we need to get this done sooner, not later. That is, especially if it will help with the Postal Regulatory Commission’s 10-year review, currently in process. If we can get to the numbers of participating companies we had last Fall, this letter could prove impactful.

Thank you for your support.


Hamilton Davison
President and Executive Director
American Catalog Mailers Association, Inc.

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