The ACMA urges all mailers and suppliers to take a brief survey focused on the impact to your business and mail volume of the Postal Regulatory Commission’s proposed rate increases stemming from its 10-year review of the postal ratemaking system. The survey was developed by Idealliance and aggregated results will be shared with the industry. (Note: If you have already received this survey from Idealliance, please fill that out and do not take it twice.)

The deadline is next Monday, February 26th. Please be sure to click on the appropriate survey below:



Why We Need Your Input

The Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) in December 2017 released a proposed rule as a result of a 10-year review of US Postal Service pricing structure. Currently, the US Postal Service cannot raise prices by an amount greater than the Consumer Price Index. The PRC proposed rule provides broader pricing authority to the USPS.

The PRC proposal would give the USPS use-it-or-lose-it authority to raise rates by 2% above the CPI for each market-dominant rate class for five years, with another 1% allowed for adhering to service standards and meeting yet-to-be-defined operational standards. So called “underwater” products get an additional 2% on top. By the Postal Regulatory Commission’s (PRC) estimates, which assume a forecasted 2% CPI and where the USPS uses full rate authority, this proposal would raise Marketing Mail flats by more than 40% over five years.

The ACMA, Idealliance, and other mailing industry groups are assessing the impact on mail volume as part of our research on the PRC proposal to develop its comments to the PRC due on March 1st. The survey results are CONFIDENTIAL. Only aggregated stats from it will be used.

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