Dear Industry Member:

Hopefully you have already acted on our alert from late last week. If you missed it, just click here. Last Friday, the Boston Globe ran this article you also must certainly read. Here the highlights:

  • The Massachusetts Department of Revenue is essentially telling all remote retailers to start paying sales taxes for the past 12 months; i.e. retroactive taxation.
  • MA falsely suggests the Supreme Court Wayfair ruling strengthens its cookie nexus argument.
  • If you think you’re under the threshold, you should expect to have to prove it to Massachusetts. The MA DOR is “going down a list of the country’s largest online vendors and sending them notices if they haven’t filed.”

This is further incentive to follow through on our request last week if you haven’t already. As always, please cc on your communications or use this email to let us know if you want some assistance in completing your communications. We’re happy to help both ACMA members and non-members. 

Also, click here to learn about our forthcoming Capitol Hill fly-ins and be sure to join us October 10th-11th and November 13th-14th.


Hamilton Davison
President & Executive Director
American Catalog Mailers Association

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