As the Biden Administration settles into Washington, what will be its trade agenda in the months to come? How will those policies affect ACMA member companies? Tune in to our free webinar on Wednesday, March 3rd at 2:00 pm EST to find out. This hourlong event is available to all ACMA members. Non-members are also welcome to register; your admittance will be pending approval.


The Section 301 tariff exclusions and extensions expired at the end of last year. All previously-imposed tariffs are in full effect. Many industries and foreign governments are already pressuring President Biden for tariff relief. But the President has said new trade talks will have to wait until he and his team determine the best path forward on domestic stimulus, which will occur in the first 100 days of the new Congress. ACMA and our policy experts at The Vogel Group will explain the state of play.

Questions to be Addressed

  • How will President Biden frame the China relationship differently than Former President Trump?
  • Who are the main deciders in tariff policy under the Biden Administration?
  • What are policymakers thinking in terms of providing tariff relief for importers?
  • The Biden Trade Philosophy: A Shift from Job Creation and Investment to Sustainability and Workers’ Rights
  • New Trade Leadership in Washington: The People, Power and Politics
  • Section 301 Tariffs: Company Paths to Relief
  • U.S. Congress: The Democratic Line on Trade and Tariffs
  • COVID-19 Pandemic: Does it Help or Hurt Trade Policy?
The Panel
  • Samir Kapadia (left), Principal, COO and Head of Trade at The Vogel Group
  • Lynn Noble (right), Vice President, Industry Affairs at the ACMA


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