Here’s the latest on the House-passed postal reform bill (HR 3076) and further actions we need from you:

  • As previously reported, Florida Republican Senator Rick Scott (at right) last Friday put a hold on the bill.
  • That means the Senate will now aim to take it to the floor the week of February 28th, as has been indicated by Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY – at left).
  • The bill’s Republican cosponsors in the Senate need our industry’s utmost outreach and encouragement. If you have any sort of corporate or employee presence in their states (click here for complete list), please reach out to their staffs. Contact information can be found in the list.
  • Our industry coalition intends to send another letter to all members of the Senate. If you signed your company’s name on to the previous letters, you need not do anything. But if you hadn’t and would like your name added to the new letter, please respond to this email to grant us permission. Please include names of all your company divisions and complete name of your corporation.
  • For background info on the most recent goings-on, click here and click here.

ACMA staff is available to help in any way – contact Paul Miller ( 914-669-8391) if anything’s unclear.

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