Frequently Asked Questions

What is the ACMA?

The American Catalog Mailers Association was formed by catalogers to advance catalog interests in commercial, regulatory, and public relation venues. Due to the lack of representation in the industry, the ACMA was formed by catalogs and for catalogs to focus solely on catalog related issues. The ACMA team of veteran postal regulatory experts participates in policy and commercial proceedings where a collective voice aids to advance the influence and effectiveness of the entire catalog industry.

What has the ACMA accomplished thus far?

The ACMA has made tremendous progress since its inception in 2007. We have had a major impact in most of the annual postal rate setting processes, testified before Congress and regulatory bodies, and established strong relationships with national policy makers in Washington. But it’s our ability to impact our members’ bottom lines that we’re particularly proud of. For example, our members got advanced warning of last year’s USPS summer sale – saving some members millions of dollars.

We are already a member of an association. What is the difference between the ACMA and a group like DMA – The Data Marketing Association? Unlike other mail-focused associations and organizations, the ACMA uniquely caters to the needs of catalog companies and suppliers. Broad-based groups such as the DMA do not have the ability to take difficult positions advancing catalog interests when they have other member constituency interest to adhere. ACMA understands the countless commercial and social benefits catalogs bring to consumers, and we take great pride in being the primary voice for the industry.

What do we get out of this membership?

Your business will greatly benefit from an ACMA membership. We provide first-look access to vital information and industry trends through members-only access to parts of our website and news alerts that make a tangible difference to the way you run your business. For example, members were given advanced notice of the USPS summer sales from the late 2000s and early 2010s, as well as the assorted postal incentive discount programs since, giving them weeks of lead time to prepare and take advantage of that promotion – one company recently said they benefited to the tune of several millions of dollars. In addition to this tangible market intelligence, ACMA is constantly vigilant and alert to potential industry dangers, so you can continue to focus your energy on providing a great product for your customers knowing that we have your back at the policy table.

We’re not “joiners.” Why should we join this?

The future of the catalog industry – and your business – is at stake. We understand that a few companies prefer battling these obstacles on their own, but unity within our industry is needed more than ever. Now, we are engaged in the fight of the industry’s life – a proposal to increase rates by 22%. By becoming a member of ACMA, you can help us fight this battle and also enjoy the array of business benefits we offer our members.

You’re going to undertake this process without me anyway, so why do I need to join?

The ACMA has achieved many successes for an association our size and age. However, just as the ACMA has yet to reach our full potential, so has the catalog industry. Now more, than ever, catalog suppliers and companies must unite for the good of the industry as we all will directly be affected by the 22% postal rate increase.