Dear Industry Member:

I’d like to personally invite top executives from catalogers, online merchants, and suppliers to attend our inaugural regional industry event, to be held just prior to the start of the NEMOA Fall Summit on September 11th in Chicago. If you own, run or manage a business, you should be aware of the many material external issues facing your company right now. Get up to date on the latest news and the ways the ACMA can help you navigate and mitigate these risks.

If you attend this complimentary luncheon, you will:

  • Hear a high-level discussion of the issues ACMA is working on and how they directly impact your business, including the threat of impending catalog postage increases, the aftermath of the Supreme Court’s ruling in South Dakota v Wayfair, the national ramifications of California’s recently enacted Consumer Privacy Act, tariffs on foreign imports, and more.
  • Understand your executive or leadership role in how the ACMA leads the fight in Washington and state legislatures on the most significant policy issues impacting the direct marketers, online merchants and store retailers who mail catalogs, as well as their suppliers.
  • Listen to case studies from catalog members and how their activism has benefitted their companies.

The free luncheon is scheduled just before the start of the NEMOA Summit; however, you don’t have to be registered for NEMOA to attend our event.

Speakers: Vogel Group CEO Alex Vogel (left) and ACMA President Hamilton Davison (right), plus catalog executives
WhereRadisson Blu Aqua Hotel, Chicago
When: 12:30-3:00 pm, Weds., Sept. 11, 2019​


(Please note that an email will open upon clicking the registration tab. Put your name, title, company name and phone number, and an ACMA rep will get back to you with further details.)


Special thanks to our generous sponsors…




Hamilton Davison
President & Executive Director
American Catalog Mailers Association

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