Dear Industry Member:

With more and more states shutting down businesses or imposing travel restrictions, ACMA has had some reports of local authorities closing essential plants or warehouses. We have also heard that some mailing industry employees have been stopped and challenged as to why they are driving, given the increased restrictions.

The flow of mail is particularly important right now delivering critical supplies, information, medicines, packages, etc. Last week, we asked the Postal Service to produce a paper that outlines the essential nature of mail, including the supply chain that supports it. This weekend we got the first draft (click here). We have asked the USPS for some improvements and hope to get a signed and more detailed version of this letter to you soon.

Some have suggested printing the USPS letter and placing it in every plant location, and truck and delivery vehicle, as well as having all essential employees keep a hard copy version in their car if challenged.

We have also suggested the USPS establish an after-hours mechanism (e.g.: a 24-hour phone “hotline”) to allow for confirmation should local authorities not accept this letter or require confirmation of its authenticity. More info on this soon.

Mail Safety
Concerning the safety of mail and whether paper or cardboard harbors and transmits the COVID-19 virus, the USPS has the latest information on its homepage. Scroll down slightly to see sections on USPS Coronavirus FAQs for residential and business customers. This information is based on CDC and WHO statements on the safety of mail and packages.

Like many right now, the USPS is working extremely hard under great pressure. ACMA staff are on twice weekly conference calls and we will keep you updated as this unfolds.

If you encounter problems, ACMA’s VP Industry Relations Lynn Noble, a former USPS manager, is running point on this and can be reached directly at or at 513-608-4749. We will report it for you then follow up until it is resolved. You can also email the Postal Service directly at but be sure to put COVID-19 in the subject line to have it seen and acted on quickly.

Important Info For Non-ACMA Members
This exclusive bulletin is being distributed across the entire industry as a public service. ACMA members will receive further updates. Non-member companies that wish to also receive COVID-19 updates should contact or at 513-608-4749 so you can continue to receive these exclusive updates.


Stay healthy!

Hamilton Davison
President & Executive Director
American Catalog Mailers Association

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