Let’s ALL Take Our Message to Washington, May 21-23

Dear Colleague:

If you do nothing else to improve your BOTTOM LINE this year, make sure you join me at the ACMA National Catalog Forum in Washington, DC, May 21-23, 2018.

Here’s why it’s more crucial than ever that you make the Forum and why I keep coming back year after year:

  1. This event is all about MY catalog business – and YOURS too, of course. I don’t get that anywhere else.
  2. Every year, my attendance has directly and indirectly helped me improve my bottom line.
  3. This year, ALL catalogers and remote sellers are facing incredible threats to the future of our businesses and,
  4. If we show up in force, we can really do something about it.

For solutions, all roads lead to Congress.

Accordingly, the ACMA has modified its usual program to spend a full day on Capitol Hill meeting with Representatives, Senators and their staff to discuss two existential threats that threaten to destroy our future viability: potentially ruinous postage increases and a significant change in the law governing the collection of sales tax by remote sellers.

We can do something about the outcomes . . .

…but only if we get active and know how to play this. ACMA can help but it’s up to us catalogers and our suppliers tobe engaged. We need numbers. It’s well established in Washington that the best mobilized industries get what they need. Ours is lacking but you can change that.

My company, Barco Products Co., is one of about 10,000 companies involved with cataloging directly. Then add my suppliers and others serving our industry and the figure is up to about 15,000, who could and should join us at the ACMA Forum, May 23rd as we storm Congress and communicate our needs in postal and sales tax issues. That will follow a day in which we interact with the key figures who control our destiny – folks like the pricing and costing VP of the USPS, the Deputy Postmaster General, and Jonathan Johnson from the board of Overstock.com, whose company was directly involved in the recent Supreme Court hearing that debated the Quill remote sales tax issue.

That’s my piece. The ACMA staff tell me that attendance is up over last year, but we need more than a 10-15% bump over last year. I welcome you to respond to this email if you have any questions. I’m more than happy to take the time to explain why we need you there – and more importantly, why you need you there. Or better yet, just click here and register right now.

Best Regards,
Robert H. Runke
Chairman, American Catalog Mailers Association
President, Barco Products Company

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