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ACMA Member Exclusive: April MTAC Report

The April 9-10 meetings of the Mailers Technical Advisory Committee (MTAC) were held at USPS headquarters in Washington. Below you’ll find notes and slides from the open sessions held on April 9th. We’ve hyperlinked slide decks in the headings of the sessions that used the decks. Slides from the more intimate and closed “focus group” […]

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ACMA Member Exclusive: ACMA, USPS Finalize Catalog Postal Incentive

By Deborah Damore, ACMA Postal Committee Chair Dear Fellow Member: The Postal Service has announced a new catalog incentive to become effective July 14th, aligned with the 2024 summer rate change. The filing still requires Postal Regulatory Commission approval, which is expected by May 30th.  The incentive and an updated, new definition of what qualifies […]

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ACMA Member Exclusive: July Postal Rate Increase Overview

On Tuesday April 9th as anticipated, the Postal Service announced a 7.8 percent increase on rates for its Market Dominant products scheduled to take effect on July 14. The Postal Regulatory Commission will review the USPS proposal and receive comments from interested parties. ACMA’s Board will consider if and how to participate in the attendant […]

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ACMA Files Court Challenge to NY Tax Regulation

WASHINGTON, DC — On April 5th, the ACMA (American Catalog Mailers Association), the largest trade association representing the direct marketing/e-commerce/catalog industry, filed a complaint in New York State’s Supreme Court, contending that a recently-issued New York...

ACMA Member Exclusive: What Postal Commission’s Compliance Determination Means to You

Though the Postal Regulatory Commission limits what it looks at, its Annual Compliance Review (ACR), and subsequent Annual Compliance Determination (ACD) released last week, is the principal regulatory response to what happened in the past USPS fiscal year. The observations and chart below relate to important matters raised by ACMA in our 25-page filing. (Also, for a […]