Dear Industry Member:

Last month, we announced two catalog industry fly-ins to take place in October and November. This promo is intended to update those who responded as well as engage additional attendees. Here are the key details:

  • Dates: We have made a single-day date change to the first fly-in. It will now take place on October 11th instead of the 10th. The second fly-in, scheduled for November 14th, remains as announced. For both fly-ins, please try to get to Washington the day before in time for a prep/dinner.*
  • Increased Urgency: Hopefully you tuned in to our July 10th teleconference with our attorneys from Brann & Isaacson, which was designed to clarify some of the confusion stemming from the June Supreme Court overturn of Quill in South Dakota v. Wayfair Inc. Our attorneys attempted to answer all questions and clear up much confusion; however, neither they nor anyone has all the answers right now. Unless and until Congress hears big noises from our industry, nothing will happen. It’s critical that every company in this industry get engaged now on this issue.
  • Register Now: If you haven’t already, please RSVP to this email (click here or if you’re reading this on a cellphone, please simply hit the reply button, indicate your availability and include your contact info) by Thursday, July 26thconcerning your availability to take part on October 11th and November 14th. (If you previously RSVP’d that you can make the October fly-in in its previous date and can still do the 11th, there’s no need to respond. Otherwise, please let us know.)

Additional key details:

  • What’s the cost? Free*. The ACMA feels these fly-ins are so crucial to the catalog industry’s future that we will bear all general costs. Therefore, both fly-ins will be free to ACMA members. Non-members are invited too; this is a great way to get to know more about issues affecting your business and what you can do to change outcomes in your favor. (*- You will still be respnosible for your own travel, food & lodging costs; the prep-dinners will be “dutch.”)
  • Why a second fly-in a month later? It’s likely there will be a lame duck session this year. We want to get in early after the mid-term elections to rekindle the relationship and brief our politicos on what must be done. Many of our types of bills historically pass during lame duck sessions.
  • What’s next? Plans are coming together as we speak. Therefore, we need to hear from you ASAP advising us whether you can make one or both fly-ins. Simply email and write your name, company, title, contact info and whether you intend to make one or both ACMA Fly-ins. If you can only make one fly-in, kindly indicate the date; otherwise simply put “both.”
  • How should I plan my trip(s)? Plan to fly/rail/drive the afternoon prior as we will have a group dinner and lobby training the evening before. For your return, book an evening flight or train after the Hill meetings; ideally no earlier than a 6:00 pm departure back home.

Thank you. While we all know the fall season is crunch time, the stakes are enormous, so please try to make the appropriate arrangements to join us. Again, please let us know by this Friday, August 3rd.

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