The US Postal Service’s Centralized Account Processing System (CAPS) will retire October 2021.  All customers with CAPS accounts must migrate to Enterprise Payment System (EPS) as soon as possible to prevent loss of the ability to mail within the Postal Service. The following comes courtesy of the USPS:

Please do not wait for the deadline. If customers have not migrated to EPS by August 29, the Postal Service will inactivate all permits associated to the CAPS accounts.  Customers may lose the ability to mail within the Postal Service.

Dates for deactivation of permits:

o   August 15 – Inactivation will be focused on permits associated to CAPS accounts using the following products: Priority Mail; First-Class Mail, Letters, Cards, Flats, and Package Service; USPS Marketing Mail, Letters, Flats, and Parcels; Parcel Select; Media Mail; Library Mail; Bound Printed Matter; Periodicals; ACS™ and AEC; International Products; BRM/QBRM; iCAPS; Premium Forwarding Service Commercial (PFSC); Premium Forwarding Service Local (PFSL); Commercial Package Intercept (CPI)

o   August 22 – Inactivation will be focused on permits associated to CAPS accounts using the following products: Click N Ship Business Pro (CNSBPro); DFAS/SAM

o   August 29 – Inactivation be will focused on permits associated to CAPS accounts using the following products: eVS; Parcel Return Service (PRS); Third-Party Billing (TPB)

Customers with inactivated permits must contact the Mailing and Shipping Solutions Center (MSSC) and request to reactivate the permit and provide a plan to migrate to EPS before

September 30. Customers who contact the MSSC Helpdesk will have their permits reactivated for use until they migrate to EPS or CAPS retirement date of September 30. After September 30

customers will be required to have an EPS account before any permits will be re-activated.

Contact the MSSC at 1-877-672-0007 or email

If you have a Parcel Return Service (PRS) or waiting for the EPS showstoppers to be implemented on August 15 you can still create an EPS in 6 easy steps.

  1. Sign up for a Business Customer Gateway account at:
  2. Request to participate in EPS
  3. Create an Enterprise Payment account
  4. Manage user roles
  5. Select payment method and update banking information
  6. Activate a payment method

Steps to self-migrate to EPS can be found at

 Eligible Products and Permits currently supported for an immediate migration to EPS:

Eligible ProductsEligible Permits
•         Priority Mail

•         First-Class Mail, Letters, Cards, Flats, and Package Service

•         USPS Marketing Mail, Letters, Flats, and Parcels

•         Parcel Select

•         Media Mail

•         Library Mail

•         Bound Printed Matter

•         Periodicals

•         ACS™ and AEC

•         International Products

•         BRM/QBRM

•         eVS/CNSBPro

•         USPS Returns*

•         PC Postage/Endicia*

•         DFAS/SAM*

•         iCAPS*

•         Third-Party Billing (TPB)

•         Premium Forwarding Service Commercial (PFSC)

•         Premium Forwarding Service Local (PFSL)

•         Commercial Package Intercept (CPI)

•         Permit Imprint (PI)

•         Postage Due (PD)

•         Business Reply (BR)

•         Periodical (PE)

•         Pending Periodical (PP)

Parcel Return Service (PRS) will be supported in EPS on August 15, 2021.

 * USPS Returns, PC Postage/Endicia, DFAS/SAM, and iCAPS will require USPS assistance to migrate to EPS.  Please reach out to the MSSC about the migration of these products immediately.

 If you currently have an Express Mail Corporate Account (EMCA) utilizing CAPS then you will need to migrate to National Customer Management System (NCMS) payment method to fund your account.  Please reach out to the MSSC about the migration.  (

 The Postal Service will host Bi-weekly Webinars on the CAPS to EPS Migration.  Join us for the Enterprise Payment System (EPS) Informational Webinar Sessions.  Next session is Tuesday, August 17, 2021, at 2:00 PM EST.

  • Bi-Weekly CAPS to EPS Migration Webinar on Tuesday @ 2 PM EST.

o  Meeting URL:

o  If requested, enter your name and email address.

o  Meeting ID:        160 305 0541

o  Password:          755467

o  Join Audio by the options below:

  • Call using Internet Audio.
  • Dial: 1-855-860-4313, 1-678-317-3330 or 1-952-229-5070 & follow prompts

If you have any questions or need support opening an EPS account, please reach out to the Mailing & Shipping Solutions Center (MSSC) at 1-877-672-0007 or email

o  Business hours for the MSSC are Monday-Friday from 7:00 AM – 7:00 PM Central Time

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