Dear Industry Member:

While we wait for President Biden to sign the Senate-passed Postal Service Reform Act (and our intel says this will happen soon), now is an ideal time to reach out to your senators if you heeded to our call to request their support of the bill.

Why Bother? 

As an industry stakeholder, your advocacy has been critical in driving the legislation forward and it’s important that legislators and staff hear from you, especially when signature pieces of legislation are enacted that will help the industry. As importantly, expressing your company’s recognition and appreciation to Congressional staffs for their hard work is an essential component to relationship-building in Washington​.

Quick & Easy
Please try to get this done early this week by following these simple steps:

  • The ACMA has prepared this template for you to use. Just be sure to add your company’s own information where indicated.
  • Click here to see which senators voted in favor of the bill – obviously, make sure you’re only thanking those who voted YEA.
  • Click here for a list of all Senate legislative directors, which contains their email addresses and phone numbers. It’s advised that you simply email them your thank-you notes.

Why This Law Matters
Wondering why this bill’s passage is such a big deal for you and your business? Click here for an informative article.

ACMA staff is happy to assist as always, and we’ll keep you posted once we hear about the President signing the bill into law.

Paul Miller
VP & Deputy Director

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