Please Help Us Understand Your Business’s Current Challenges by Taking This Brief Survey

Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit, the ACMA has been in nonstop scramble mode to provide whatever is necessary to help the catalog/online/DM industry weather this storm. But we need to know just how the lock down is impacting your business, so please take about 5-10 minutes to fill out the following brief survey. Since we announced this survey on April 17th, we’ve made an adjustment to the survey so that the first question, which requests your identification, is now optional.



Note to Suppliers
If you are able to complete the survey on your clients’ behalf, please do so.

Why We’re Doing This
Your responses will help us accomplish two goals: ACMA’s short-term actions will be dictated by the trends we spot. We also will share the results, which can help provide you with useful benchmarks as you navigate your way through these rough waters.

Strict Confidentiality
For this survey, we are partnering with NDP Analytics, a strategic economic and communication research firm. Both NDP Analytics and ACMA staffs have signed strict nondisclosure agreements. You will notice we request your name and company name; however, only anonymized and aggregated information will be released. If you request our help and would like us to contact you, we’ll be happy to.

**Survey Deadline: April 24th**

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