Dates & Locale: May 2-4, at the DuPont Circle Hotel in Washington

Five Reasons You Must Attend

  • 10-Year Review of the Postal Rate-Making System: Former Special Assistant to the POTUS Denise Wilson, former PRC Chairman Dan G. Blair and postal veteran Larry Buc will provide their insight on this crucial process going on now – and how it will affect your business forever.
  • States On The Attack: A growing number of states, such as Colorado, South Dakota, Alabama and others, are passing state laws designed to circumvent the Quill v. North Dakota use tax precedent. ACMA & TruST attorney George Isaacson and Alabama Department of Revenue Deputy Commissioner Joe Garrett will discuss and debate this crucial issue.
  • ACMA’s Work on a Discounted Catalog Postage Rate: Come to the ACMA Forum, where you’ll take part in moving this vital game-changer across the finish line. USPS officials will be on hand to work with us on this long-awaited discount specifically for catalogs.
  • What Trumps All? Political insider Alex Vogel will break down how the new Administration’s aggressive changes can directly impact catalog businesses.
  • The Postmaster General’s Take: PMG Megan Brennan will hold an open discussion with attendees on what changes she can steward at the Postal Service to foster catalog volume growth going forward in an extremely unsteady landscape.

Come Help Advance (Your) Catalog Cause

The ACMA has long prided itself on just delivering the goods with little song or dance. There remains no other conference like it. Although there will be two memorable evening receptions, great food and special activities throughout to celebrate the ACMA’s 10th Anniversary, the day-and-a-half-long event promises to be strictly business.
All sessions take on a town hall-style approach wherein speakers seek to engage audience members to jointly help advance the catalog cause. Can’t afford two days away from the office? You won’t be. Rather, plan to attend with your company’s personal interests in mind – become part of the solutions the Forum will aim to fulfill and will be productively working to directly improve your company’s bottom line.

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Time Frame in Brief:

  • Conference start: May 2nd with a Welcome Reception from 6:30 to 8:00 pm at the host hotel
  • Sessions start: May 3rd early morning
  • VIP reception: Evening of May 3rd
  • Final day: Starts early morning May 4th; winds down at 1:00 pm
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