Dear Catalog & e-Commerce Industry Executive,

As you know, trade issues and tariffs have been in the news lately – and top of mind for any company that imports, has a global supply chain, or sells overseas. Whether it is the looming trade war with China, the renegotiated USMCA (new NAFTA), or the myriad of tariff disputes roiling industries across the economy, trade is more relevant than ever.

To this end, if your company has a global supply chain, imports raw materials or finished products that it sells, has exposure to tariff payments on any imports for goods, or sells outside the United States, we strongly urge you to take part in “US-China trade ‘war,’ tariffs on Imports, and what your business must do to handle these challenges,” a free webinar taking place Monday, March 18th, from 3:00-4:00 pm EST.

CEO Alex Vogel (at left) and Principal Brian Johnson (at right) from ACMA’s outside government relations firm The Vogel Group will discuss various trade issues, including an update on the US-Mexico-Canada Agreement and its status, the current impact of the US-China tariff policy and “trade war,” including how long it will last, what to expect, and what else is coming. The team will also discuss upcoming free trade agreements the administration is already in the process of working on, which are separate bi-lateral treaties with the European Union, the United Kingdom, and Japan.


Attendance is open to both member and non-member companies and participation by the COO or supply chain owner in your business is encouraged. If you have supply chains or sourcing into or out of these regions, you will certainly want to understand this more, and there will be plenty of time for Q&A.

We feel it’s critical for you to understand these trade policies as clearly as possible and most importantly, the impact they could have on your business and what ACMA and our partners at The Vogel Group can do to help.

ACMA-Vogel Group Backgrounder
For much of the ACMA’s nearly 12 years in existence, the majority of our work has been focused on remote sales and tax and postal service issues. However, The Vogel Group also has expertise in helping companies successfully manage their global supply chain logistics and navigate trade and tariff issues. The firm represents many companies of all sizes on trade matters, and its staff prepares, files, and monitors the status of official tariff exemption requests with the United States Trade Representative (USTR) while regularly engaging with the Department of Commerce and the White House on trade issues.


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