Hopefully, you’ve filled out the survey we deployed earlier this morning about your post-Wayfair actions; if not, please do so soon. Now, we’re happy to share this link to a replay of a comprehensive webinar jointly presented earlier today by LegiNation/BillTrack50MOB Advocacy, and Tax Notes (descriptions of each are linked).

In brief, the webinar gave a background on what led to the June 2018 Supreme Court Wayfair decision, details on the decision itself, the aftermath, and its future ramifications. Several mentions were made of ACMA’s and NetChoice’s impending test case litigation v. some of the most challenging states, provided we receive sufficient funding.

How You Can Get Involved
Our best approach to getting states to back off and be reasonable is to litigate now while we still can use potent Commerce Clause objections that cannot be used successfully in the future. ACMA is prepared to litigate provided we are properly funded. If we do not strike soon, our leverage will be lost. So please help by making a donation to our Post-Wayfair Action Fund by either clicking here or simply responding directly to this email.

Thank you,
Paul Miller
VP & Deputy Director

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