Washington, October 26, 2017 – The American Catalog Mailers Association, whose membership heavily relies on a properly-functioning postal system, urges the U.S. Senate to quickly consider and confirm the President’s new nominees to be U.S. Postal Service Governors. America’s postal system currently has no board – thus, no proper oversight.

The ACMA has been instrumental in getting this important agenda item to the top of the priority list for a busy White House. In addition to our aggressive lobbying in Washington, the ACMA wrote a memo suggesting criteria and provided several strong candidates. We applaud the White House for moving this forward and are thrilled that nominations have been made.

In addition to reviewing and approving changes in postal rates, the Postal Board of Governors is charged with approving the very successful promotional program the USPS launched in the early 2010s. ACMA members have benefited significantly from this program over the last few years. However, due to an absence of postal governors, progress in this area has virtually stopped, and no new promotions, or promotion continuations, will be implemented with the January 2018 postal rate changes, as a result. But with at least one governor confirmed, there will be a chance for these vital promotions to be reinstated sometime later in 2018.

The ACMA also calls on all its membership, as well as the greater mailing community to write their Senators requesting that confirmation of postal governors be dealt with before the legislative year is complete. It is essential that proper oversight be provided to what is a great American institution and a vital hub for $1.4 trillion in commerce employing millions of citizens and serving all across the land.

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