On November 27th, the Postal Service filed a massive and complex proposal to change the analysis used to attribute rural carrier costs to products, an analysis that has been unchanged since 1997. This opens an opportunity to focus on questions of a kind ACMA has raised for several years. To point to this outcome as a problem in serious need of attention and to connect it to the proposal filed, on December 20th, ACMA submitted what’s called a “motion for information request” with the Postal Regulatory Commission to ask the Postal Service, and implicitly to consider, a series of questions.

For example, an analysis done by ACMA shows that on a per-piece basis, rural delivery costs have increased 203.2% since 2004, while the CPI has increased only 53.6%. Also, these per-piece costs have increased four times faster since 2016 than before.

We hope, obviously, that the Commission agrees and pursues the matter and will update you as the matter progresses.

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