Congress, White House Are Asking for ACMA’s Input on Postal Reform; Now We Need Yours

Dear Industry Leader:

Yes, there IS a lot happening at the White House and in the Capitol these days. Yes, it is unpredictable. And yes, amid all this uncertainty, it is more important now than ever that we engage on the issues that matter most to catalogs and online businesses.

And because ACMA engages — by meeting with members of Congress and the White House, sending letters to the Hill with hundreds of companies signing on, and testifying before Congress — we are helping shape the policies that matter most to our industry.

Earlier this week, for instance, I met with two powerful chairmen of the House of Representatives. Later I met with key decision makers from the White House. Why? Because ACMA was asked to participate in a small and influential group driving policy around our issues, particularly postal rates and internet sales tax.

You Participate, Things Happen

But we need your help. ACMA’s effectiveness in Washington is a direct result of your involvement in the process, building constituent relationships with your elected officials and then exercising your constituent standing to influence outcomes. It really works. If you’ve never done it before, ACMA will teach you how, regardless of your status as a member.

Here are three ways to get involved:

  • Let us introduce you to your members of Congress and help you engage on postal and tax issues. It’s easy. All you need to do is indicate a willingness to engage and then follow up.
  • Join us in Washington, DC, for a gathering of leaders of the catalog industry the evening of May 2nd and finishing at 1 pm on May 4th, for the ACMA’s 10th Annual National Catalog Forum. You will hear what is happening that affects us. It is amazing how different one’s perspectives can be after time spent inside and outside the Beltway. Plus, you’ll get a different view of what is really happening in DC. This year especially…do join us and get involved with our work, which is your work.
  • Tune in to our March 10th webinar on the recent change in the piece/pound threshold (now 4.0 oz.), which can allow you to add pages at a tremendous discount – improving your ROI. In this free webinar, catalog consultants Lois Brayfield and Stephen R. Lett, and Quad/Graphics’ Mark Schneider will break down the new rule and examine the marketing, creative and economic opportunities so you can best take advantage. (ACMA will open up registration for this, the first of our new quarterly webinar series, next week.)

Pick Our Brains

There are plenty of other ways to get involved with ACMA. We are happy to discuss things anytime. Please call Lynn Noble at 513-608-4749, Paul Miller at 800-509-9514 or yours truly. We’d love to share more of what’s happening.

And some of you in key Congressional Districts can expect to hear from us shortly because we need your help now.

The law does not favor those who sit on their hands. In Washington, if you’re not engaging in how policy gets done, policy gets done to you. We certainly learned that lesson in 2007.

Take action and make a difference! Here’s to our collective progress, now more than ever.


Hamilton Davison
President & Executive Director
American Catalog Mailers Association

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