ACMA Letter Asks House & Senate Leaders For Legislative Help, Post-Wayfair; 116 Companies Sign On 

Dear Industry Member:

The letter we sought your sign-on for was sent yesterday afternoon not only to the four House and Senate majority and minority leaders, but also to all members of Congress. We believe it will help persuade Congress of the importance of legislation before the end of 2018 to allow small businesses to fully and accurately comply with the Supreme Court’s June Wayfair decision. Click here to download and read the final letter.

Early Morning Press
We received signatures from 116 different companies in the catalog and e-commerce space, all of whom we’ll soon be contacting separately to give them instructions on how to best share it with their local legislators. It’s also worth noting that the Washington media has already picked up the letter – see “Putting the Fair in Wayfair” in this morning’s Politico.

Your Outreach Vital
Even if your company’s name isn’t on the letter, we urge you to forward it to your legislators with your strong endorsement at once. While getting anything through Congress is always a challenge, unless we push hard, absolutely nothing will happen. As always, please cc so we can follow up with the offices involved.​

If we can be of any help, don’t hesitate to ask.

Paul Miller
Vice President & Deputy Director
American Catalog Mailers Association

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