The ACMA has “soft launched” our new postage calculator, which was graciously supplied by an anonymous member. We invite you to try it out as we work to better understand the implications of this rate change and its impact on our industry. Since no results are captured on the calculator tool website, if you’re willing we’d appreciate you sharing the results of your experience. This way we can amass the impact this damaging rate increase will have on your business. The more data we can aggregate, the stronger a case we can make in Washington to fight this rate hike.

To gain access to the calculator, click here and provide your complete information (full name, title, company, phone and email address) in the email. (ACMA members: your email address is sufficient and you will be sent the link shortly.)

Former USPS catalog manager and current ACMA VP Industry Relations Lynn Noble will be happy to help you navigate this tool if you have questions at 513-608-4749 or via email at

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